Jeanette Frost Ebstrup_be a mind changer


My name is Jeanette Frost Ebstrup, born in 1969. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, is married and have 3 grown up kids.


I have a medical degree from the University of Copenhagen.

Since 2000, I have worked as a medical doctor, partly in hospital departments, research administration and in research.


In 2011, I defended my PhD thesis in Public Health Sciences. Here my focus was on the interface between psyche and soma – between mind and body. My thesis was called “The influence of mental fitness on cardiovascular biomarkers”.

Psychological stress

My focus in research has been on the normal stress reaction (eustress) and the unhealthy consequences of chronic psychological stress (distress). In the later years my focus has changed to study why some people are more resilient to stress. How do they manage to bounce back from adversity and live on the plus side of life instead of in negative or neutral states.

Project management, consulting and facilitating

Since 2011 I have been a senior researcher, project manager for a large population survey at the Research Center for Prevention and Health and has worked as a consultant and senior advisor in the Center for Diabetes, Copenhagen.

Body and Mind

I have great interest in energy medicine, quantum medicine and integrated medicine, which unites traditional evidence-based research tradition with the wisdom of the east. In 2014 I finished a 1 year practical education and was certified as body worker.


In 2015 I founded MindChangers to help people reach their full potential and help them find their own path in life. Changing your mind – in terms of taking new directions and at the same time literally change the way your mind works – is what MindChangers is all about. Integrating neuroplasticity, epigenetics, positive psychology, meditation and mental training – BUT still being science based – is the vision of MindChangers.

Human flourishing

Founded on positive psychology and the pioneer work of Martin Seligman I really believe that human beings are meant to flourish and live on the plus side of life. You are not supposed to just endure life – you are supposed to live it. That has everything to do with mindset, active choices and willingness to change. The flourishing mindset is obtainable – it is a skill, BUT the teaching has to be science based and not just well-intentioned advice.

CAPP instructor and mentor

In 2019 I was certified in CAPP – “Certificate in Positive Psychology”. A degree which gave me even more tools and knowledge to help you on your journey to obtain the flourishing mindset and live a flourishing and plus-side life with resilience to adversity, – with joy and fulfillment and with clarity of life purpose.

Compassion instructor

2021 is a new chapter with new exiting adventures. I’m on my way to becoming a compassion instructor. The training and cultivation of compassion and self-compassion has scientifically been shown to be beneficial for the development of personal and social wellbeing. We benefit from being more compassionate and self-compassionate in attaining positive mental health. I will keep you posted for opportunities of cultivating compassion.

I´m looking forward to hearing from you – best wishes Jeanette